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Painting with Family


I had a wonderful time painting with my mother, Patricia Thompson, and my sister, Melissa Thompson. We painted from a reference photo my sister, Melissa Fischer took.. It is a stone carriage house in Millbrook, NY. Here are photos of us painting and a photo of the finished paintings. Actually, in my case, almost finished, as I have since noticed some changes I want to make.

Me painting
Patricia painting
Melissa painting


Our paintings together. My mother’s, Melissa’s, and mine.

We first went outside with the dogs. Then we had a wonderful lunch that Melissa had prepared. It consisted of a salad and a chicken stoup, made with chicken, parsnips, baby carrots, with a butternut squash soup base. Accompanying that was a Hunan yellow tea and great conversation. We then settled in to watch an art video by Tony van Hasselt. After which, we spent several hours painting and giving each other tips. Of course, we went out several times with the dogs.
us had checked the weather report, we were surprised when it started to flurry. We enjoyed watching as the ground became blanketed by a white covering. However, my mother and I had to drive home in the snow. Luckily, the temperature did not drop too far, and we made it home without running across any icy conditions. Painting with others makes for lasting memories. I look forward to many more painting days with my mother and sister. You ca view Melissa’s blog at


As I am spending time conducting business in my other occupations, a law practice, and computer instruction, I do not typically have large blocks of time to spend painting. I have recently found that I am much more motivated in doing small watercolor sketches and studies. The following are some of the paintings I have done this week.
A woman I went to law school with posted a photo on facebook of her yard after it had snowed. I did a quick watercolor sketch of it the other day. It is a 5×7 on Shizen watercolor paper.
Here is a small watercolor or Folly Beach. This is a 4×8 done on Fluid paper.
I also worked on a snowscene on Yupo paper. I am not sure if I want to do some more work on it, or leave it as is.


Painting with Melissa

My sister, Melissa Fischer, visited and we spent all day painting. We went to Folly Beach, to the Angel Oak on John’s Island, and n the evening, we went to the walkway on the Old Pitt Street Bridge. It was fun spending the day painting with her. I feel blessed that my sister and I share a common interest, and that we are able to enjoy each other’s company.


I am posting some photos from our sketchbooks.
Here is a photo of me doing a watercolor sketch of The Angel Oak. The Angel Oak is a magnificent live oak that is estimated to be over 1500 years old. It is 28 feet in circumference. Its longest branch is 187 feet long.

The following is a photo of both of our watercolor sketches. Melissa’s is on the left, and mine on the right. I am planning on doing a full painting from my sketch. I love how we were able to draw on each other’s strengths and improve our techniques. We both have different styles, but at the same time, we are able to include some of each others into our own, It is a wonderful way to spend time with my sister.


At the end of the day, we enjoyed watching the sun set while on the Old Pitt Street Bridge. There is a 360 degree view. We were able to see the sun set over the Cooper River and at a distance see Charleston and Arthur Ravenel Bridge.
I will post some more of Melissa’s sketchbook from her visit, when she sends me the photos. Her is a link to her art blog.



The spirit strong
Steady rock solid,
Fluid as the water.
It is within and everywhere.
Feel it strong,
The truth of your being.
Shining bright never wavering,
The external forces
Pushing pushing.
The spirit is impenetrable.
Find it, live it, be it.
It is you as no other.


The days seem dark, no end in sight
The pain of life, so great the hurt.
Where is the joyful, sunlit spirit?
She resided within, so bright my days.

Watching the world, it passes by.
Wandering through the maze.
Is this all? Knowing, deep within,
There is more than I now can see.

Questions, more questions.
I have no answers.
Death looms near, it’s draw is strong.
I know though now, it’s not for me.

I fight for more, for me to be.
Maybe tomorrow the sun will shine
My spirit soaking the rays so bright.
For this I work, as long it takes.

One day again I’ll laugh and sing.
My life will be mine, for all to see.
Goodbye my prison, my lonely days.
Strong and true, happy and free.

Hi. It has been a while since I last posted here. I have been busy with my law studies.
I find that if I start my day slowly and enjoy the life around me, my day takes on a softer tone.
The following is a poem I wrote one morning.

Lazy Morning

Lazy morning, eyes half open

The bird lifts its voice in song.

Pink sky shifting to yellow and blue

The sun wakening slowly, happy

My spirit restless, dancing, joyful

The day beckoning, I stretch, and yawn.

Rising to greet my muse, I smile.

Paints waiting, whispering softly

Paper showing images to come

Colors swirling, cheerful and bright

My soul content, it laughs and plays.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I have recently been walking around the pennisula and observing the ordinary that we miss in our rush to get from one place to another. The weeds growing through cracked pavement. The workers fixing our roads, people walking their dogs on a regular basis. One one day I see a multitude of interesting subjects that would make an interesting painting or the topic of a poem.
This week has been busy and I have not had much time to pick up my brushes. The painting of the Powwow Dancers following this pposting is from a Shoshoni Powwow I attended last summer. I am entranced by the colors and movement as the dancers move to the beat of the drums.